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September 18, 1895

September 2014 marks 119 years of people benefiting from receiving chiropractic adjustments. On September 18, 1895, D.D. Palmer performed the first adjustment in Davenport, Iowa, on Harvey Lillard, a janitor who had been deaf in one ear for 17 years. After having his adjustment, Lillard's hearing was restored – and the science of chiropractic was discovered.

The anniversary of the very first chiropractic adjustment is a great time for all of us to reflect on the positive impact chiropractic has had on our lives.

Many of us started with chiropractic care when we were young. We may have heard schoolmates complaining of headaches and other ailments without even really understanding what they were talking about, because we were spared such things because of the chiropractic care we were benefiting from.

Others of us may not have discovered chiropractic until we were older and had been shaken and bumped around a little by life. We may have tried other alternatives, only to get little or no long-term relief. Then we tried chiropractic -- and we wondered what took us so long!

But no matter our stage of life, chiropractic can make a difference. Chiropractic care is beneficial for people of all ages. In fact, perhaps you would enjoy reading comments from some of our patients after we asked them that very question: "What makes chiropractic care beneficial for people of all ages?"

Eliza, 68 years old, said, "Well, since I’ve hit most of the “ages”, and it has saved me many a time.  Having begun about 40 years ago, my testimonial stands the benefit of many ages.  Besides the fact that two of my children had the benefit of starting right after birth for a check up and a good structural start in life.  Chiropractic also kept them in great health throughout their young years."

Marge, who is 76 years old, exclaimed, "Being able to move!  So many times I have come in to see Dr. Adams when it hurt to move.  Really bad.  After an adjustment, I felt better and in less pain.  Sometimes within hours.  Have a pain -- get an adjustment right away!!!"

Lauren, 41, put it this way: "Keeps spinal and nervous system working together and efficiently.  It has saved my career and livelihood.  Just when I thought I would be crippled forever, I found Adams Chiropractic.  I tried other chiropractors over the years but Adams Chiropractic team is very well educated, caring and individualizes everyone’s needs.  Thank you!"

Tom is 60 years old, and this is what he said: "Proper alignment of spine allows healthy flow of energy to all aspects of the body.  [Just as] we align our vehicle’s wheels to achieve optimum performance, so we must [with] our bodies.  Chiropractic has supported me though several injuries and health issues in my lifetime.  The excellent health I enjoy today is a direct result of the 30 plus years of treatments I have received."

Betsy, 68 years old, said, "Chiropractic helps us adapt to our body’s idiosyncrasies.  Through all the wear and tear of our active lives, the chiropractor guides our skeleton back to its best and most efficient and healthy position.  It’s been a great help to me for 20 years."

Archie, who is 79, told us this: "For me, it has alleviated a chronic lower back condition I had for years.  Chiropractic care has also prevented a 'trick' knee from developing to a real problem.  It also keeps my joints more flexible and retains my range of motion.  Also, the Dr. Adams exercise recommendations keeps my neurotransmitters 'firing on all cylinders'.  Thank you Dr. Adams."

Barbara told us this: "All the health benefits you get from a healthy spinal cord.  If everything is in line, everything works well.  Chiropractic wellness program has kept me from colds and aches and pains – and feeling healthy all over.  Dr. Robert is the best with advice on many health topics and I listen!  Thank you for saving my back and my life!!! 

Lea, who is 47 years old, shared this with us: "Chiropractic is beneficial for anyone who wants their body to run properly.  The nerves have to be able to communicate to all the body function for proper development and function.  I have been a chiropractic patient since I was 17 and I consider that I am in better health than people my age who don’t get chiropractic.  My kids have had chiropractic since birth and are also healthier than their peers who do not."

Nick, 22, said, "We all want to be in an optimal state in our lives.  However, we all seem to be humbled by life and gravity.  Adams Chiropractic has given me the opportunity to be well.  Countless times I have come here in a dismal state, and they have facilitated my health and wellness.  With these two factors set in my life, I have the opportunity to make myself feel optimal.  As an athlete, I highly recommend chiropractic."

Mary is 66, almost 67, years old. She tells us, "It helped me after an injury that was over a year old.  Some doctors were telling me to just buck up and go back to work.  I couldn’t.  I felt like I was falling in a hole on my left side, with a lot of pain on my left from head to toe.  It’s been a process, but I feel like I have my life back to a point I can look forward with hope – not just pain and despair.  When things become more of a problem Dr. Robert puts them back to manageable.  Thank you for all your help and support through the years."

Ronald, who is 74 years old, shares this story with us: "If started at an early age, a child will be healthier.  They will grow without some of the things children suffer.  I fell out of a tree when I was seven.  I never told anyone about it.  Through the years I had other accidents.  My chiropractor, Dr. Adams, asked me one day if I had a fall when I was a young boy.  I thought about it later.  I couldn’t remember anything bad.  Then it hit me, I fell out of a second story window of a barn and fell across a huge fallen willow tree trunk.  I couldn’t move for about two hours.  I never told anyone this because I wasn’t supposed to be up there.  I was 7 years old.  I told Dr. Adams this when I was 28.  I am now 74.  Thank you, Dr. Adams."

Has anything that anyone said here -- as they say -- "hit a nerve"? Maybe you've given up trying to engage in activities that you just loved doing because of pain, discomfort or embarrassment. You may never have thought about what chiropractic could do for you. Or maybe you visited a chiropractor years ago and you had forgotten the benefits of chiropractic care.

Try chiropractic! You just might have the same good results from chiropractic in your life as these men and women have had in theirs! Our office hours can accommodate many busy schedules, our doctors have almost 60 years combined experience in helping people with many types of health problems, and a consultation with the doctor is free!

If you would like to see the difference chiropractic can make in your life, call our office for an appointment at (707) 996-4535.

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