September - Chiropractic Anniversary


September 22, 2015

September 18, 2015 marked 120 years of people deriving benefit from chiropractic care. On Tuesday, September 22, 2015, we had a special event celebrating the Anniversary of the Discovery of Chiropractic!

As part of this celebration, we asked all of our patients this question: Why would you recommend chiropractic to your family and friends?

Here is what some of them said!

Lois, 64 says, "To keep your body working at its best, especially as we age and become less flexible, regular adjustments help to keep us young."

Grace, who is 54, states this: "I feel stronger and more in balance after a session – it improves my day."

Randy Sue, 59, had this to say: "Because it works. I have been a patient of Adams Chiropractic for 25 years and have never felt better.  I am not taking any medications nor do I feel my age."

Tony, who is 54, gives his reason: "Because of the knowledgeable doctors and because they really care enough to know what is going on."

Donna, who is 75 years young, comments, "Results have been immediate for me and others I know. . .  Never been advised to use prescription drugs."

Kim is 49. She has this to say: "I tried everything else for my back pain and sciatica.  My pain lasted over a year until I found Adams Chiropractic.  They gave me my life back. I couldn't walk and now I can walk and even dance!  I stay committed to once a month visits for healthy maintenance.  Thank you, chiropractic medicine and practitioners!"

Paul, 55, says, "I am a general contractor and the work I do can be hard on the body. Dr. Adams keeps me aligned so I am in good health.  Chiropractic care has helped with my allergies too."

And, finally, this is what Barbara, our drawing winner, had to say. Barbara's name was picked in a random drawing for the prize to two free adjustments! Barbara said this: "I had hurt my back a few years ago and I didn't want to have to have surgery so I looked into chiropractic care.  Dr. Adams examined me and said, “Barb, I can help you so you don't have to have surgery. Trust me, he said and I did!  He saved my life!  I am now healthy and I am on the Wellness program.  Chiropractic care has kept me healthy. I truly believe that if your spine is healthy then your whole body stays healthy.  Thank you, Dr. Adams!"

All of us here at Adams Chiropractic would like to thank each and every one of you who participated in celebrating the Anniversary of the Discovery of Chiropractic! Look for this to happen again next September!

Has anything that anyone said here -- as they say -- "hit a nerve"? Maybe you've given up trying to engage in activities that you just loved doing because of pain, discomfort or embarrassment. You may never have thought about what chiropractic could do for you. Or maybe you visited a chiropractor years ago and you had forgotten the benefits of chiropractic care.

Try chiropractic! You just might have the same good results from chiropractic in your life as these men and women have had in theirs! Our office hours can accommodate many busy schedules, our doctors have almost 60 years combined experience in helping people with many types of health problems, and a consultation with the doctor is free!

If you would like to see the difference chiropractic can make in your life, call our office for an appointment at (707) 996-4535.