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Are you a Medicare patient who has received denials from Medicare?

Some of you may have received notices from Medicare that they are denying payment for your chiropractic adjustments.  

These denials are an error on Medicare’s part.  This is a large-scale error that affects all Medicare patients in about ten states.  Medicare is working now to fix these denials.  

Claims that Medicare received before February 7, 2020, will be reprocessed within two weeks.  There is nothing you need to do.

Also, Medicare has advised us to hold off on billing for another week until their computer system is fully updated.  So you may see another short delay in getting your reimbursements.

Please rest assured that the doctors and staff of Adams Chiropractic Offices takes the billing of your services very seriously.  We will continue to keep an eye on this situation until it’s successfully resolved.

Thank you!

February 13, 2020

Check out the appearance of Dr. Robert Adams on local radio station KSVY!

Use the following link:

Dr. Adams appears on the show at about the 10-minute mark. Enjoy!

Have you gotten The Chiropractic App?

Recently, Dr. Robert Adams met Dr. Bruce Whittingham at a seminar. Dr. Whittingham has created an app for i-Phone and Android devices called The Chiropractic App.

The Chiropractic App has:

  • Posture and exercises
  • Lifestyle health information
  • Frequently answered questions
  • Things you need to know to get the best results
  • And much more

The Chiropractic App is available through your App Store for less than $5. Check it out!