No Insurance

Q - Do the doctors at Adams Chiropractic Offices accept patients who do not have insurance?
A -
 The doctors at Adams Chiropractic Offices are pleased to accept patients who do not have insurance benefits. Because you do not have insurance, we will look to you directly for full payment of all services rendered. We expect payment at time of service unless there is an agreement between the office and you as the patient.

Q - Does Adams Chiropractic Offices extend cash discounts to patients who do not have the benefit of insurance?
A -
 Yes. The services rendered on a patient's first day of treatment is extensive, often amounting to close to $400. However, in the state of California, health providers are allowed to extend a cash discount to patients who do not have the benefit of insurance. This applies to patients who do not have any insurance as well as patients who have insurance that does not cover out-of-network chiropractic. Please ask the Reception Desk Staff Member for pricing options when booking your initial appointment.

Q - Since I don't have insurance coverage, does Adams Chiropractic offer alternative payment arrangements to make my health care more affordable?
A -
 Yes. We offer two types of alternative payment arrangements:
1.) For those who can pay for services in advance, we offer pre-payment discounts. Please seePre-Payment Discount Options.

2.) If you are experiencing a true financial hardship, please let our staff know to assist you in scheduling an appointment to speak with someone in our Billing Department, who can meet with you and help you evaluate different payment plan options. A payment plan may be arranged in which the patient may pay for services over a period of time rather than paying at time of service or by each month's statement. Payment plans are then monitored to ensure that all agreements are being kept. Please see Payment Plan Options.