Success Stories

We asked some of our patients this question: "Why would you recommend chiropractic to your family and friends?"

  Kathi, age 52, says:"Too many reasons to list here, however, I'll try.    "I seek this care to stay as healthy as possible. It keeps my immune system firing at 100%, my head clear & if I do find myself with an injury my body can handle it much better.    "My children (13 & 15) have been receiving chiropractic care since they were infants. When they were tiny, they hardly ever had to go on antibiotics like so many other children, as a result of their chiropractic care. If my MD said ear infection, I came here - one adjustment later, ears were all cleared up.    "I can't imagine what people do who don't know the benefits of chiropractic care."

Rogena, who is 73 years young, makes this comment: "I find chiropractic very helpful to keep me able to do the things I have always done. My neck and back need adjustment occasionally and I find Dr. Adams quick, capable and friendly. He always addresses all my needs."Juan has this to say: "I would recommend chiropractic to all my friends and family for all reasons. I have a better quality of life due to the care I receive here. I come home from work with no pain. It's a relief."Susan, who is 62, says, "When I have an adjustment by Dr. Adams, it makes a world of difference in how my body feels physically and mentally. When I come on a regular basis, I am more flexible and think better."

Gemma, who is 13, states, "I would recommend chiropractic to my family and friends because it helps my back and neck feel better and helps release tension, especially after carrying my heavy back-pack."

Scott, age 63, shares this with us:    "I have been receiving chiropractic care since injuring my back. Surgeons told me I would need surgery to repair my back. With care from the wonderful staff at Adams Chiropractic, I have been able to continue with my quality of life and put off surgery.    "After interviewing other chiropractors in town I chose Dr. Adams' office due to their professionalism and quality of care. I believe I owe my general good health to the chiropractic care."

Pamela, age 47, says this: Dr. Adams is "HANDS UP" the best chiropractor I've been to in Sonoma and Marin. Thorough with initial exam to diagnose issues and always performs the adjustments perfectly."

Sarah, 32, says, "Dr. Adams is genuinely fascinated with what goes on in each individual spine, body and person. I feel supported, listened to and I always feel blissed out and have a better understanding of my body after an adjustment. Thank you!"

Frank, who is 49, exclaimed, "Chiropractic is a painless miracle! And when you yourself are in pain and hunched over as I was, there is hope! Dr. Adams' use of chiropractic along with neurological exercises has helped me overcome a lifetime of bad back problems."

Jean, who is 49, has this to say: "When I first began coming here my back was in such pain that even walking hurt. Modern medicine's recommendation was pain killers and cortisone, not my idea of fixing things. I had never done chiropractic before, but decided to give it a  try. Over time I could feel myself getting stronger and even felt as if I had more confidence (it's funny how pain and instability can rob you of that). I would highly recommend Dr. Adams to anyone. I even got my husband to start coming for his neck pain and he was a total skeptic who now believes how wonderful it is."

Do some of these comments sound like ailments you have dealt with? Try chiropractic and see what it could do for you! You may find that you could be writing a testimonial very similar to the ones you have just read!

Have you experienced positive results from chiropractic similar to the ones above? Would you like to share the benefits you have received from chiropractic with others? Why not write your own chiropractic success story by filling out the testimonial questionnaire below?

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Dr. James H. Adams, Robert W. Adams, Laurence J. Adams